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10 Facts About Me.

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

1) #Jamaican born and Rhode Island raised. I came to #RI 2 months before my 2nd birthday.

2) Team #Introvert. I’m slow to warm up in any and every situation.

3) Team #Aries. I’m not that into astrology, but I like reading up on my sign sometimes.

4) My first major spoken word performance was in college and I got to speak in front of #RudyFrancisco who later complimented me on it (internally I almost fainted).

5) I’m truly camera shy, but that disappears when I’m comfortable and/or by myself.

6) “..all around there’s silence. Everyone decides for themselves whether that’s loneliness or freedom.” For me, it’s #freedom.

7) Team Grandma and President of the “Love and Shit” committee among my friends.

8) Dancehall is life. Nuff said.

9) I’m awkward as fuck.

10) I hold on tight to things that I love—sometimes when I shouldn’t. #LearningToLetGo


Your turn.

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